As a native Italian with a passion for travel, I like to share my experience and knowledge of what I know best: Italy. I have hiked the Cinque Terre, biked in Lucca, visited wineries in Tuscany and the beautiful spas in Abano Terme and Ischia. I have travelled around Sicily by car, experienced the comfort of the high speed trains, and ferried to the islands of Capri and Ischia. The diversity of the 20 regions that comprise this beautiful country truly are endless. As your travel specialist, I will handpick the best hotels, guides, and drivers for you, whether you are looking to experience the history, the food, the wine, the locals, or simply have an adventure. I can also tailor any package to uniquely suit your budget to help you create the experience of a lifetime.

Josephine Mascolo

Italy....Josephine Mascolo was born in this beautiful country and worked for the Italian tour industry for 15 years. Her love and knowledge of Italy will allow you to experience the country the way she has....more personalized and out of the ordinary.....she can customize Villas in Tuscany with a cooking and wine tasting tour....Shopping tour of all the famous outlets....and any of your requests...
We are currently hard at work on our newest portal, EndlessItaly.com, which will feature an in-depth look at beautiful Italian vacations and offer our customers many opportunities to experience this gorgeous country for themselves!

Monica Ciaravino

My passion for Italy is so deep that I even married an Italian :) I was originally born in Romania and came here when I was 11 years old. On that trip we made a stop in Rome and that was my first experience with Italy.  Italy has become a passion and a willingness to learn and see how the people live and how they’re able to preserve “la dolce vita”. Travel for me is more than booking a quick trip online, but rather taking the time and planning someone’s adventure or trip of a lifetime.
I feel that there is increasing degree of urgency about travel—a race to “get there now and see it now” fueled in part by digital technology. My goal is to help you experience “la dolce vita” as the Italians do it!

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What Our Customers Say

Amazing Tuscany

The trip was amazing, the villa in Tuscany was excellent, we loved the town, we got to know the market ladies, they even gave us a bottle of wine when we left. Rome was great! the hotel was top notch, our tour guide Cristiano was very knowledgeable and entertaining.

~Michele, Theresa and family

Amazing Anniversary

Thank you for all your help with our amazing anniversary. Amalfi was jut the most enchanting place, the Santa Catarina was everything I hoped it would be. The service and people were just amazing.


Best Honeymoon

Just wanted to send an email to thank you for planning the best honeymoon! It was absolutely amazing, I fell in love with Italy, everything was perfect, the hotels were fantastic and we were treated like loyalty. Ravello was my favorite town!

~Annmarie Lovino, Long Island, NY